Winter Blahs

Has anyone else been having the winter blahs? I think it happens to me every winter around this time. I feel like I’m struggling to stay motivated to do everything. I’ve fallen behind on my blogging and commenting, making new foods seems like a chore instead of fun, and workouts are leaving me feeling drained.  On top of this is the stress about where I’ll end up for residency. I had such a migraine yesterday that I could barely drive home from work. Of course, there had to be an accident, making my normally 60 minute drive into a 90 minute one. I thought about pulling the car over but figured I’d freeze to death, it being about 0 degrees out and all.

At least the sun is kind of out today. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

// Burberry Trench // H&M Top // J. Crew Minnie Pants // Ann Taylor Shoes // Magaschoni Scarf // Jimmy Choo Purse //