An Oldie {Balenciaga Reveal}

It was Balenciaga that first sucked my into “premier” designer bags. Their leather is absolutely amazing and their slouchy moto bags are just adorable. I sold off all of my giant hardware Bals a while back to fund a few other structured bags, like Celine’s luggage bag. And while I love my Celine (and my new Fendi!), I always drool when I see other bloggers with their Bals (like Bettina’s).

Vintage Balenciaga Box

There are notable good and bad years for Balenciaga leather. Some say that 2005 was the best leather year ever (glossy, smooshy chevre). So when I saw this gorgeous little 2005 Calcaire Box in excellent condition on eBay, I had no choice but to bid! And I’m so glad I did. At almost a decade old, the leather on this one is stunning!!

I’m still in the market for one more practical bag (I think 4 bags is quite enough… until I graduate! Muahaha…). But nothing else has been catching my eye! Any ideas for a durable, good quality, medium-large bag?

Its supposed to reach the 30’s again a few days this week, so I’ll attempt to take more outdoor pictures again if that actually happens. Geezzzz, it winter always this long? I guess I was spoiled by last year’s super mild winter. I hope you all had a good weekend!

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