Wide Leg Pants

It was so windy and chilly out that it was practically impossible to get a good picture! This is as good as it gets because I was to lazy to do a round two. At least they’re in focus, eh? That’s all I can hope for sometimes. Well, and that the camera + tripod doesn’t fall over with that wind and put an end to this whole blogging thing.

At first I didn’t know what to think about this orangish-yellow cardigan. It’s like it couldn’t decide what color it wanted to be. Naturally, it’s from eBay. And it came with two long runs in the sleeve that were unmentioned. I was going to return it at first, but obviously ended up keeping it. Time to test out a new color in the wardrobe!

Oh yeah, and the wide leg pants. These are from Anthropologie. They were in the sale section with an additional 30% off, bringing them to $30 or something. They’re right at that annoying, should I hem or wear taller heels length. Not quite sure yet. But I’m enjoying exploring different cuts of pants already! Lets see what weird things come next.

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