Wardrobe Renovation 2013

The first half of 2013 will be exciting and relatively non-busy (at least compared to intern year, which starts in July!). I’m going to take this opportunity to do a little wardrobe renovation. Looking at my wardrobe as it is, I don’t have a lot of variety. There are a few changes I hope to make to transform my closet into something a little more interesting and user-friendly.

Goal 1: Clean-out!! I’m in the process of a pretty extensive closet clean-out. November and December were busy traveling months. So while I’m usually on top of making sure my laundry’s done and clothes are put away, those things fell to the wayside because I was so infrequently home. The good thing about this (definitely not the huge piles of laundry I had to deal with) was that I noted what clothes were left in my closet… aka, the things I never reach for. These were things that I could likely sell and not miss. Oh, and I’m selling all of my ill-fitting shoes and the handbags I rarely reach for, too. It’s a large clean-out. Need some money!!

Goal 2: Research New Designers – I admittedly shop at J. Crew more than any human probably should. This is probably exaggerated by the monstrosity of J. Crew-devoted blogs that seem to have popped up recently. While I do think that J. Crew will always have a presence in my closet, it doesn’t need to monopolize it. Some other designers that I’ve recently become interested in are…

  • Helmut Lang – Edgier, more modern pieces
  • Diane Von Furstenberg – Classic, work appropriate, patterns
  • Loro Piana – The most amazing cashmere scarves. Ever.
  • Alexander Wang – Wonderful knits, especially those tee’s
  • Yigal Azrouel – All things draped
  • Equipment – Washed silk blouses in all colors and patterns

I’m sure there will be more that catch my eye. I usually look for these things on eBay and discount sites like The Outnet and Yoox.

Goal 3: Textures ~ I keep noticing that amazing outfits on other bloggers & celebrities frequently highlight different and interesting textures. I find textures especially challenging, for some reason. I’ll have to do some serious searching for items that will be versatile in my wardrobe.

Goal 4: Necessary Undergarments… how old do I have to be before I realize that these things can make my clothes look so much better? I especially need some slips. I have a grand total of 0. I had more when I was 5 years old (my mom apparently knew their importance).

Goal 5: *Patterns * I don’t need anything over the top here. Just hoping to add any subtle patterns that catch my eye. I have a weakness for florals and abstract prints, but also see the versatility in stripes, plaids and polka dots.


Goal 6: Diversify Handbags… I think I love my Celine too much. Its time to branch out and try other brands. I loved my Givenchy, but we all know how well that went. I might check out Balenciaga again, as I love their colors and styles (but typically their leather is not durable enough to stand the beating that I give my bags). Designers that I’m hoping to discover more of are Prada (lots of classic shapes and colors), Bottega Veneta (find out if the weave is for me), and Fendi (a big fan of the Peekaboo).

Goal 7: Comfortable Shoes: There is no point in keeping shoes that I dread to wear. So, now they’re gone! Muahahaha. Time to replace them with comfortable shoes that I’ll actually reach for. This goes for both flats and heels. I don’t even know where to begin. So far I’ve found J. Crew’s Valentina’s and Ann Taylor’s Perfect Pumpsthe most comfy.

Goal 8: Non-skinny Pants! Skinny pants are great and all (on skinny days), but I’m about ready for a change. I’m not sure what trends we’re looking at next, but I have a few ideas in mind for myself. First, I’m going to aim for a “fitted” wide leg pair. By this I mean that the pants will have shape and show curves on the bum and thighs somewhat, but the knees and ankles will be “wide.” It might be tricky. Second, I want a pair with a loser-but-flattering tapered drape. This will certainly be tricky.



What are your wardrobe plans for this year?