The Best Cashmere & Wool Fuzz Removal Comb

My family doesn’t really do major gifting at during the holidays, but we do give each other funny or useful little things. This year I got a super-hardcore lint roller and this fuzz removal comb from my mom. Oh my goodness, its amazing. You literally just swipe over the fabric a few times. A little fuzz roll forms on the comb, and the fabric looks like new. Easy peasy.

cashmere and wool pill remover
When I looked up the price of these things I was a teensy bit surprised. I’m not sure where my mom got it, but they carry them at the Cleaner’s Supply store for $16.95. Its totally worth it, in my opinion. I don’t know how long they last, but I completely de-fuzzed my entire closet and the comb isn’t the least bit dull.

*Note* a helpful comment from a reader reminded me that J. Crew has their own version for $18. I haven’t used this one, but she says it works well, too ­čÖé