Style Do’s & Don’ts {Athletic Petite}

Blogging provides an excellent documentary of the outfits that have worked out, and the outfits that very much haven’t. I was browsing my old pages and have come up with a few self-tips. Ok, here we go. Don’t laugh at me (much).

Loose Cropped Pants

  • Don’t wear them with a loose-fitting or bulky top. Even super-tall heels can’t make up for this catastrophe.
  • Don’t wear them if they don’t have a good drape and overall fit.
  • Do wear them with a nice, fitted top.

Skinny Cropped Pants

  • Don’t wear them with a super-long top. Your legs vanish.
  • Don’t wear them with a too-short top. This just looks off and shows too many things that should be covered.
  • Do wear them with a long shirt and shorter layer to bring up the waist.
  • Do wear them with with a longer, baggy sweater or cardigan.


  • Don’t wear anything that isn’t a teeny mini skirt below waist level.
  • Don’t wear any skirt that’s too big or small. At all. Hence…
  • Don’t get any more pencil skirts, your body hates them (or they hate you?). They might look ok in the “good” pictures, but they’re all too big in the waist and too small in the hip area, making them ride up and wrinkle in front.
  • Do tuck tops into waist-high skirts.
  • Do try chunky layers on top when donning mini’s.
  • Do play with maxi skirts.

I hope you enjoyed my little style mishaps! I think I’m slowly figuring out what works for my body type. There are so many super-thin or tall people that can seemingly make anything look good. Time to stop copying and figure out what works for me 🙂 Anything you’ve figured out that’s best avoided for you?