I have a confession. I’ve always been a fan of flared pants/ jeans. (Well, not always, but ever since I could help buy my own clothes and dress myself.) When skinny jeans were the new best thing, I caved. But I never loved them the same as I did my flares.  I still love them for a few reasons.

I love that flared pants cover my shoes. Yes, that does mean that sometimes my oh-so-cute shoes don’t get seen, but that also means that my comfy-as-hell ugly shoes don’t get seen either. Its a give and take.

Also, since these pants go all the way to the ground, the really do a great job of elongating the leg. I need as much of that as I can get.

On top of those things, the flare at the bottom does an amazing job at balancing my top and bottom half. It’s frequently a struggle to maintain “balance” with skinny pants.

Have you noticed that in some of the pictures I look angry? I’ve scrolled through my past winter outfit photos and noticed that in the later pictures I smile less and less. Its cold out and I’m still sick. Its hard to maintain a fake smile for myself, haha. I’ll try harder next time.

// Mackage Coat // Halston Heritage Sweater // eBay turtleneck // Adriano Goldschmied Jeans (here) // BCBG shoes // Kate Spade Purse // Michael Kors Watch //eBay Necklace // Vintage Rings //