J. Crew Perfect Shirt in Tartan (finally!!)

This past fall is the first time I really noticed (and appreciated) plaids. Before then, plaid was just a fabric that had an extensive presence in the middle-aged man’s closet. Now I see its versatility. Well done, middle-aged men. Well done.

After an extensive debate with myself, I decided to for for this Tartan shirt from J. Crew. Naturally, by that time it was sold out. It only took me two months of sifting through pop-backs for this one to finally come back in my size (or a 0, actually, but close enough) and be on sale with an extra percent off. I was so excited that I totally forgot to use Shop At Home for an extra 9% back. Bummer.

See my goosebumps in that pic above. Sexy, huh?

I’m thinking that this chunky, ugly, old-man cardigan will be getting a lot of use. It kind of doubles as outerwear because its so thick. It makes me feel so cozy, regardless of what else I’m wearing 🙂




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