J. Crew Minnie in Stretch Twill vs. Aritzia T. Babaton Elliot Pant {Comparison Review}

I remember reading that Aritzia carried a similar pair of pants to J. Crew’s Minnie, which I love. I finally decided to check them out. Here are my thoughts.

First Impression: These are super similar. One was definitely “inspired by” the other. There are a few small differences, however, that make a big impact on which pair I prefer.

Fabric Content: Although the difference seems small when comparing the fabric tags (5% vs. 8% spandex), the fabric on these two is quite different. J. Crew’s version is definitely softer and feels like it has more stretch. In contrast, the Elliot pant is a little bit stiffer feeling. The weave is quite similar on both. I know through experience that J. Crew’s pair will wrinkle and stretch out some. I tried on the Elliot pant and when I took it off, it was already wrinkled. I’m hoping these will hold up better than that, but we’ll see.

Fit: I get a 00P in the Minnie’s. This works great because, while they’re tight at first, they stretch out to be just perfect. The Elliot pant doesn’t come in petite sizes, so I got a 00. They are slightly smaller in the waist than the Minnie. They are also not as tapered in the knee, which means that i get baggy-knee syndrome. It’s not horrible, but I much prefer the fit of the Minnie here. They both have a knee seam, but J. Crew’s is about 1″ higher up. The Elliot is 1″ longer, though.

Other Little Details: These are practically the same with regards to the other details. They have the same waist band and the same belt loops. They both zipper up the left, although the hook & eye closure goes in opposite directions on the pairs. The rise is identical. They are nearly the same in the ankle circumference (maybe 1/4″ bigger in the Minnie).

Overall: I think I prefer the Minnie’s overall. I suppose after a few wears I’ll know for sure!