Draped Black Jacket

This draped jacket hasn’t gotten as much love as I anticipated. Its so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. I love the fuzzy textured exterior and smooth interior, and it has such a pretty drape. But why would I put on a jacket this open and flow-y? Its not like it keeps me warm. It would probably be better suited for spring-summer or summer-fall weather

This is the type of outfit that I think I feel most “me” in. Some comfy black pants, an interesting top, and a neutral cardigan. Quick and simple. Add some fun shoes for a little interest and the jacket for some texture. Done.

Oh, and a quick mention of a recent purchase. I picked up two new pairs of skinny pants from Aritzia, the Elliot pants, which seem similar to the J. Crew Minnie, and the Ellis pants, which seem like a slightly longer version of the Minnie. I got them in a deep turquoise color and a deep cabernet color. I’m excited to do a comparison!! Both pairs were on sale for $45 and the shipping was $8.

So I have to ask, what types of outfits do you feel most comfortable in? Jeans and a tee? Pencil skirts and sweaters? I don’t mean robe and sweat pants comfy, haha.

Huh, I think I do need a cozy robe, come to think of it…

//Calvin Klein Jacket (love the drape on this one) // Inhabit Cardigan // J. Crew Tank // The Limited Pants, 0S (here) // Vera Wang Flats, 6.5 (here) // Jimmy Choo Purse // Tory Burch Sunglasses //