Cargos, Stripes and Leopard

Although these silk cargos are not the most flattering pants in the world, they certainly are comfortable. I’ve been so close to pulling the trigger on other pairs of drape-y pants, but have yet to do so. I think I need to invest in a few pairs (with a good return policy), and really feel out what exactly I’m looking for. I don’t expect any of them to be the most slimming, flattering pants, but I do want to look as polished as possible.

Its back to cold this week. As it should be, I guess. I do live in Wisconsin. But I’m excited for the temps to reach the 30’s this weekend. Time go get some pictures in!

A few months ago I got a groupon for 6 weeks of bootcamp. I had my first one last night. I’m the type of person that pushes myself to the point of throwing up and passing out. Luckily, I caught myself pretty early on and paced my way through the rest of the workout. I’m definitely sore today, mostly in my calves. And I have another workout scheduled for tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

 After this bootcamp is over, I’m hoping that I’ll have some better workout habits. I’d really like to get into running this year (when it warms up), in addition to some moderate lifting. Its so hard to keep up with intense workouts, though! I’ve signed up the the Tough Mudder this year, so there’s at least one reason to try to keep in shape!

 Do you have any big workout plans that you’re trying to accomplish this year? I’d love to hear your goals (and take inspiration from them!).

// J. Crew Sweater // Maggie Ward Cargo Pants // Vera Wang Lavender Shoes – Hilary Flats, 6.5 // Jimmy Choo Purse  // Loro Piana Scarf //