Review- J. Crew Stadium-Cloth Boulevard & Double-Cloth Slim Trench

I was determined to add some nice outerwear to my too-small collection and picked up these two coats in Fall of 2012. One coat is available again this Fall, the other has been discontinued.

Fit: The Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench fits large. I got in in a 00 Regular and still have room for thick layers. The Double-Cloth Slim Trench fits pretty true to size. I got it in a 0 Regular and have a smaller (but adequate) amount of room for layering. I think I could fit into my regular 00, but I wouldn’t be able to layer anything thick underneath.

Warmth: The Stadium-Cloth is a much warmer fabric than the Double-Cloth. Its a nice, dense fabric. The Double-Cloth fabric is not as heavy, and it is not as warm. I could probably wear the Stadium-Cloth down to the teens, whereas I’ll wear the Double-Cloth down to the twenties.

Fabric Content: Pretty darn similar. I think the weave makes more of a difference than the actual fabric content.

Quality & Price: The Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench has not yet made it to sale. Its currently $365 (same price as 2012). Overall, I can’t really complain about the quality. Wouldn’t pay full price, however. The Double-Cloth Slim Trench made it to sale last year and on final sale, made it to less than $170 (not sure the exact number). Decent buy on sale for that one.

Measurements: Note that these coats are different sizes. The bust for both, however, is about 17″. The waist is slightly smaller on the Double-Cloth Trench, about 16″ vs 16.5″. The sleeves measure at about 24″ for the Slim trench, and feel similar for the Boulevard trench. The shoulders are particularly difficult to measure for the Boulevard trench. For the Slim trench, they measure at about 13.5, and they feel larger in the Boulevard trench.

If anyone needs other info on these, just send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP!