PFC 22: Cold Weather Shopping Clothes

A Preponderance of Fashion is hosting PFC 22 (check out the other lovely ladies!). She asked us to show our cold weather shopping clothes. This may seem a surprise to some, but I really try to stay away from malls or any brick and mortar stores. I much prefer to do my shopping from my home. So, below is an example of a “returns” outfit (because the only time I’ll willing enter those stores is to make returns), because its more exciting than my actual shopping outfit, which is jammies.

// J. Crew Coat (here, review here) // J. Crew Sweater // J. Crew Buttondown (similar) // J. Crew Skirt (here) // Anthro Tights // Sergio Rossi Booties (taller version here, practical Ann Taylor version here, wedge version here) // Vintage Givenchy Purse

I attempted these pictures so many times. They either turned out blurry, or I managed to chop off my head. Oh well, that’s what I get for rushing. I hate the cold. And I’m sick, which doesn’t help. Thanks for stopping by my post, now go check out the others!!