J. Crew Everly Suede Pumps Review

I was so excited to finally get these!! They have the potential to be a wonderful shoe, but for me they fell short for a few reasons. I ended up returning them. Below is my full review.

Sizing: These are fairly true to size. I sized up to a 6.5, as I did for my Mona’s and my Valentina’s (I’m a 6). They are a little big, but would be great with a small foot petal.

Comfort: My toe shape does not work that well with these shoes. I don’t have overly long toes (does that sound weird to you, too?), but my third and fourth toe were hitting the top of this shoe. I haven’t ever had this problem before with pointed-toe shoes. It might be fixed with a foot petal, but maybe not. Otherwise this shoe would be extremely comfy for me, and a great height.

Quality: Disappointing!! It had what looked like glue stains and some gray marks already on the shoe. Suede is always tricky, especially in light colors. If these were stain-free, I would have thought about keeping them.

Price: These have been marked down to a reasonable $149 + extra percent off + cashback. It would be acceptable if the quality matched the price, but as I said, this pair fell short of my expectations.

Overall: A nice, classy shoe. Would likely be comfortable, but watch out if you have long toes (other than your big toe). If you do buy, give the shoes a good check-over for any glue or stains. J. Crew will take back damaged merchandise, even if it is final sale.

Hope this helps!!