From Warmer Times :: Mustard, Burgundy & Zigzag

The weather just recently decided that it should act like Winter. Bummer. Its wonderfully dark, gray and dreary outside, with a healthy mix of rain-snow-slush. I, for one, am not willing to brave the elements unless I have to. And I don’t think that my upcoming Michigan trip is going to provide any better weather. Maybe I’ll try to lug my camera off to Portland on Tuesday… eh, probably not.  Its heavy. My shoulders are already feeling arthritic from carrying around my luggage nearly every day.

Random thought. I bought three pairs of black booties this year and I don’t know why. Up to this year I didn’t even like them. I had no idea what to wear them with and thought “ankle booties are for people who can’t decide whether they want to wear pumps or boots.” Apparently I’m part of the indecisive group now, according to my “old self.” But my “new self” thinks that these are a great wintertime alternative to pumps. They give off a completely different vibe than the formal pump. And honestly, they’re easier to walk in. It matters.

 Look how cute and innocent they look…

 New YSL nail polish. Love.

 Wishing everyone a good start to their week! I can’t wait to spend two whole days at home on Friday and Saturday! Come Sunday, I’ll be flying from Wisconsin to Illinois to Michigan to Pennsylvania to Utah and back to Wisconsin. All in six days. Yikes. I don’t mind flying, but this is too much! I’m so excited to relax and spend some holiday time with my family after that’s all done 🙂 This month is already flying by!!

// eBay Top (similar by Arden B, $30; much loved alternative that comes in petites by Banana Republic, $70) // J. Crew Skirt // Anthropologie Tights (Missoni version, $115; adorable ones by The Limited, $13) // Gianmarco Lorenzi Booties (this season’s version, $$$) // Givenchy Handbag (love this color Antigona, $$$$) // eBay Necklace (fun reverie version, $104) //