A {short & sweet} Summary of 2012

I think these types of posts are the perfect wrap-up to the year!

Best Purchases: Let’s see. Number one would have to be my Celine Mini Luggage in Camel. I looooove this thing. I usually get sick of purses quickly, but I just keep loving this one more and more. Other note-worthy items would be my Michael Kors watch, Anthro’s maxi skirt, all of my J. Crew minnie pants, chambray shirts (with polka dots!), and chunky scarves in general.

My favorite Outfits:

Best eBay Purchases: I’d say that my eBay purchases actually work out about 1/3 of the time. By “work out,” I mean I keep them for at least 6 months before they go into the sell pile. It sounds horrible, but actually most of my purchases can be resold at the same price or a higher price than I paid. Anyways, I’d say my Burberry trench (worn here) was the best purchase. I completely adore it, nothing could be more “me.” Another eBay find that I’m in love with is my Helmut Lang maxi skirt (worn here). One day it’ll be warm enough outside to wear it again!

Worse Purchases: Thinking back now. Well, I still don’t have any pairs of jeans that I like, so any and all jean purchases were a waste (aka, sold). Oh, and bright colors. I know I bought and sold more than a few too-bright-for-me items. Overall, not too bad of a year, though. Maybe my list-making was actually helpful?

Favorite Beauty Products: I found some amazing products this year. My absolute favorite is Darphin Aromatic Care Oils. The 8 Flower Nectar is simply amazing. And these tiny bottles last for forever! My skin hasn’t looked this good since the Retin-A. As far as makeup goes, I have tried a bunch of really good products, but nothing that makes my heart flutter. This gloss by Too Faced is lovely, and this blush by YSL is the best creme blush I’ve used.

Blog Changes: Yay, WordPress! One day I suddenly got the urge to switch from Blogger to WordPress, and here we are! I love playing around with the blog format now.  Another big change is that I started using affiliate links through Shopsense and Rewardstyle. I made just enough to cover my blog costs this year, which is nice. Otherwise, I’ve made little changes along the way. I got a better lens for my (brother’s) ancient DSLR I use, and I got a nice flash, which totally improve the pictures in the shade. I also invested in photoshop cs6, which I love. And HTML-wise, I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks to make little improvements in my posts and pages 🙂

Big Decisions: I didn’t have to make too many decisions this year, other than what to do with my life. I’m currently (still…) in the process of interviewing for internal medicine residency programs. Come March, I’ll find out where I’ll be spending at least the next three years of my life. *Nail-biting*


  • Most Frightening Moment: Would have to be in January when I was on my OB-gyn rotation. Literally, the first day of the rotation I was somehow dragged in to the room of a woman giving birth. Minutes after introducing myself, I caught her baby (with back-up, no worries). Oh my, was that little thing slippery. I thought I was going to drop her. I grabbed her by the neck and a leg and didn’t let go! If only that was the end. After delivering the placenta, my resident thought that I should have the “complete experience” or something. I attempted to still my hands and suture up the (pretty minor) tear. Whew, never again, thank you!
  • Angriest Moment: So I’ve had intermittent 3 to 7 -day long trips for residency interviews during these past two months. This means that sometimes I have to leave my cute little kittens at home either alone or with Josh (if he’s not at interviews). Noah decided to take out his frustration about this situation on the most expensive thing he could find. Yes, he’s still alive, although sometimes I’m not sure how.
  • Happiest Moment: Nothing is more important than good health. When members of my family are ill with acute or chronic diseases, I try to go to their appointments to get filled in. Every bit of good news I hear makes me so relieved. I wish everyone and their family good health in 2013 🙂