A Must-Know Site for Outdoorsy Ladies

As a Wisconsin native, I’ve had my fair share of cold weather. After I graduated from college and decided to stay in Wisconsin for medical school, I determined that it was about time to invest in some good outerwear. Unfortunately, as many of us know, being a new college grad doesn’t leave a lot of extra funds to play around with. In the midst of performing hours of research on “the warmest” winter jacket,  I found this cool site that years later I continue to use.

If you aren’t as much of a outerwear-junkie, you may never have heard of Backcountry.com. It’s a typical retail site like REI that carries many brands of outdoor gear (TNF, Marmot, Arc’teryx, etc). They have the best customer service in the world. I’m not kidding. They guarantee 100% lifetime unconditional returns, and they mean it. I’ve returned a few things myself and it was the smoothest returns process I’ve ever experienced. Anyways, coming full-circle now. Those returns that come back are sometimes in nearly new or new-without-tags condition. The site, Geartrade, is where Backcountry.com returns go. Here are a few details about Geartrade:

  • As the name implies, people are allowed to list their own goods up there, at whatever price they’d like. It’s similar to Bonanza (aka, way less fee’s than eBay). Feel free to communicate openly with these sellers.
  • New Backcountry.com returns are always showing up. They list the condition (usually good or excellent), and will post extra pictures of the actual item if you request them.
  • Prices are initially set at a reasonable percent off for these returns. But here’s the fun part. Every single day the price decreases. What I do is determine the most I’d pay for an item, and then bite if it hits. Sometimes the item is already gone by that point, but other times I end up with an amazing deal.
  • The site has been modified in the last year or two, and actually works pretty well. Its easy to search by item, brand or percent off.

Hope this helps anyone in need of some good outwear at a great price! Just yesterday I picked up the Arc’teryx Volta jacket at 78% off (nearly new condition). I’m so excited to get it, as my Fission SV jacket is getting pretty old! But do be careful if you use this site… it can be addictive 😉