Layering Up, Just in Case

I wore this out to dinner the other night. I had a passing thought that I should put on a coat, as the temps were dropping below 30. No, no. I’ll be fine. Its just a few block walk to the restaurant.

So we get to the restaurant, sit down and order some appetizers and drinks. Shortly (like 1/4 done with my drink shortly) after, we see flashing lights and hear an automated announcement saying to leave the building (note that this restaurant is inside a huge hotel in downtown Milwaukee). Everyone in the restaurant was looking at each other like, “are they serious?” (You know the look.) Staff comes around saying that we do, indeed, need to leave the grounds. Great.

Well, what better time to whip out my toasty little hand warmers!! Yes, I do carry them in my purse. I’m weird. But now I can confidently say that a couple of these will keep you at least somewhat warm!! We ended up having to wait outside for 45 minutes in the blustery, 20-something degree weather. And while my face was quite cold, my body was warm from having the warmer over my sternum area, and my hands were toasty from holding on to one! Even Josh eased his complaints when I gave him one. Be impressed, lol.

// J. Crew Tunic (similar by Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor and Horny Toad) // J. Crew Sweater (this season’s version in tons of amazing colors) // Dries Van Noten Blazer (similar shrunken blazer by J. Crew and Vince)// J. Crew Winnie Pants (here, I’m wearing a 00 and they fit quite similarly to the 00P with a slightly different cut) // Zara Heels (here) // Givenchy Purse (this season) // eBay Scarf //