Fall Patterns and Colors

Any day now I’m going to wake up to beautiful colors that signify the changing of the seasons. But not quite yet. Right now I’m quite content with the crisp mornings and 60 degree weather. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Β Can you tell? No? Well, I got my hair cut. And colored. I really like the lady that did it. But she accidentally put more red in than we wanted. Its actually quite horrible. Oh well, its just hair. And it’ll be redone later this week. I think the cut she did is going to grow out wonderfully, though. Unless I fry it with the flat iron a little more (like I tend to do…).

Quick thought. This sweater is a fun little eBay purchase. Lovely 75% silk 25% cashmere blend. Wow. This is the perfect combination for soft, warm and non-itchy. Perfect for a turtleneck, as I typically break out in a rash easily on my neck and chest for wool or cashmere. I’m going to have a (hopefully short-lived) obsession with this fabric blend, I think.

// Sweater: Les Ateliers De La Maille (very similar color & style HERE)// Skirt: Anthro // Shoes: Kate Spade // Bag: Celine // Coat: Burberry //