Fall 2012 Wishlist Items

Its really about time I do a wishlist and stick to it. I’m allowing myself to purchase these items plus any five random items in the next two months (September and October). I’ve thought pretty long and hard about these items, so here’s what I came up with:

Wishlist - Fall 2012



1. Black Boots

  • Why: I’ve been on a long and painful search for the perfect black boot. Its so cold in this state that boots are a wonderful addition to the winter wardrobe. I’m looking for something work appropriate, but with a little edge.
  • What to wear with it: I want something sleek with a heel to wear with leggings or tights + skirts.
  • Similar items I own: Black booties x 2

2. Polka dot cardigan or floral cardigan

  • Why: I want a few extra patterns in my wardrobe. I’ve noticed that some days I feel a little blah in all solids, and for some reason a cute pattern provides a little pick-me-up.
  • What to wear it with: pretty much any pants or skirt
  • Similar items I own: a stripe cardigan and solid color cardigans

3. Pretty Scarves

  • Why: Oh, do I love scarves. This has to be my favorite accessory of the cooler seasons, as this one little accessory can add so much interest to an otherwise basic outfit!
  • What to wear with it: They would look lovely over any chunky sweaters, blazers, and winter coats.
  • Similar items I own: Cozy burgundy, green and plaid scarves. Otherwise only summer scarves.

4. Comfortable Wedges

  • Why: Theoretically, wedges can be a little more stable and comfortable than the average heel. I’m willing to give these a try and will hope for the best.
  • What to wear with it: Anything.
  • Similar items I own: None

5. Chunky Sweater

  • Why: Chunky sweaters pair perfectly with the skinnier pants that are everywhere now-a-days. Additionally, since I’m allergic to most wools, the chunkiness allows for some layering under to help prevent itchiness and rashes.
  • What to wear with it: Wear over skinny pants or even a slim skirt. Wear with leggings on the weekends.
  • Similar items I own: Gray J. Crew Sweater, Beige Hayden Sweater

6. Colorful Winter Coat

  • Why: It would be nice to add a little bit of color to make the winter outfits a little less drab.
  • What to wear with it: Any neutral bottoms.
  • Similar items I own: Mackage black wool peacoat, No name gray wool peacoat, DVF cream light wool coat

7. Skirt in a neutral color (or not so neutral)

  • Why: I’m trying to wear more skirts, I’m just lacking the inventory. I’ve worn the ones I own extremely often. I want to take my time and find a great fitting skirt or two that can be worn at work and casually.
  • What to wear with it: blouses, sweaters, tops+cardigans
  • Similar items I own: Givenchy black tulip skirt, Lanvin taupe pleated skirt, Anthro gray & white floral skirt, H&M gray pencil skirt

8. Leopard Print Shoes

  • Why: Sheesh, why not! these add such character to outfits and really do work as a neutral.
  • What to wear with it: anything, really. I’ll probably pair them with an otherwise neutral outfit to add some interest.
  • Similar items I own: Brian Atwood Leopard Sandals

9. Black Handbag –

10. Outerwear… Something Different –

  • Why: This is my one “un-safe” purchase. I want to try a more unique item, such as a cozy vest or large collar coat.
  • What to wear with it: Yet to be determined
  • Similar items I own: ??

I’m excited to post updates as soon as the items start rolling in!! To distract myself from shopping too much I’ve started reading (just read Divergent) and cooking (looooooving all of the zucchini recipes!!) more.  Trying to be a little less obsessed with clothes and such 🙂

Have an amazing long weekend!!