Add It On

Its starting to get a teeny bit cool over here. Low of 37 tomorrow! Yuck. As somebody that hates being cold, but doesn’t want to be sweating once it warms up during the day, layering is my perfect option.

It seems funny to wear shorts with layers on top, but for some reason it works for me. My legs and feet tend to not get cold easily. Heck, I can wear sandals in 30 degree weather and be totally fine. I think its a soccer thing. We always had to bundle up on top but wear shorts so our socks could show. Or wear leggings under our shorts, but that’s weird.
ย This funky little coat is a great piece to just throw on over something. I can see it getting some good use this fall. Would itย  be too much to wear this open-style coat with a scarf? Hmmmmm.
//Coat: Calvin Klein // Sweater: J. Crew // Shorts: Express // Bag: Givenchy // Shoes: J. Crew //