Three Perfect Work Outfits – FALL

I know its not quite fall yet, but its been feeling like it here!

Look 1: Skinny Pants + Long Tunic + Cardigan – this is one of my favorites and will probably be my go-to look this fall and winter. Its so simple and the proportions match up perfectly.

  • Mix and match similar colors and patters for a put-together vibe
  • Consider tucking in the front of the tunic and leaving the back undone to up the professionalism without making your back look puffy!
  • Neutral accessories look perfect with this look
  • My Past ensembles HERE,
Look 1


Look 2: A-line Skirt + Fitted Top – sometimes I feel a little too casual in an A-line skirt, but paired with the appropriate items it can look amazing and completely work appropriate.

  • Mix and match patterns with similar color themes (I’ve be obsessed with stripes and florals)
  • If you want to go with solids, consider adding a belt or some colorful pumps for some extra oomph!
  • Make sure your top is classic and conservative
  • High heels never hurt 😉
Look 2


Look 3: Pencil Skirt + Baggy Sweater – perhaps a little more difficult to pull off, but when done right this can look so chic.

  • I think solids might be best for this, although its always good to experiment!
  • One bright and one neutral, unless you’re more daring than I am (which you probably are, hehe!!)
  • Throw on some flats or lower heels and a long necklace or two and you’re good to go
Look 3