My Fall Go-To Outfit

I’ve determined that outfits don’t get much comfier than this. And I love the proportions and the fact that my bum is covered. Plus, you can show off a cute pair of shoes, or toss on some loafers for work. Perfect.

If I may complain a minute, these shoes are soooo close to perfect. The platform makes the height totally doable. But, for some reason the left shoes is tighter around the top than the right. I think if I manage to get that part stretched out, these could honestly be wear-all-day shoes.

EEEEEKKKK, can anyone believe that its almost September already!!! What’s happening? Is this what happens when you get old? Or does time in the summer go by faster than time in the winter? Maybe the cold makes time hibernate, and heat speeds it up?  Oh goodness.

Sweater: J. Crew (here, wearing size xxs)
Pants: Ann Taylor (here, wearing size 0P)
Shoes: Gianmarco Lorenzi (eBay, awesome Lanvin ones, in love with these Ralph Laurens)
Bag: Cole Haan (from a decade ago)
Scarf: eBay no name
Watch: Michael Kors (here, this thing is stunning!!)