Fall 2012 Anti-Wishlist: 10 Items I vow I will not buy…

Yes, yes. The actual wishlist is in the works. But sometimes its helpful to figure out what you don’t need to buy first, you know? Ok, so maybe its a little bit weird. Moving on…


Fall 2012 anti-wishlist (part 1)



  • Chambray. I already have a light blue buttondown and light and dark blue tunics. I know chambray is versatile, but how much does one really need? I’d give in it it has cute details, like some polka dots.
  • White/ ivory/ cream/ eggshell (…) blouse. I have a white popover, off white blouse and ivory tunic. Love them all and they are all relatively new acquisitions. Now would be the time to stop acquiring. I think three is sufficient.
  • Jeans. I hate jeans. Such uncomfy, constricting pants. And they’re not even work appropriate. Why would I ever buy jeans? I don’t know. Never again!! (or at least until I forget this)
  • Neon/ brights. There is a reason that I’ve sold all of these colored items that I’ve ever owned. Its because I don’t like them and I don’t wear them. But they’re so pretty…
  • Sandals. Yes, sandals are indeed wonderful. But its already almost September. Time to start thinking about the cold, horrible, snowy winter ahead. No sandals in winter. Although I am known to sport sandals well into October. A little chilly foot never hurt anyone.


Fall 2012 anti-wishlist (part 2)
  • Burgundy. This is apparently the “it” color of the season. I already own a burgundy scarf and a burgundy-ish purse. That should suffice. For some reason this color brings the red out of my hair in a really unflattering way. Maybe an accessory would be ok. Or some shoes. I suppose even popular, beautiful colors aren’t for everyone. I think I’ll stick to greens and blues as my deep, vibrant hues. Whoa, I rhymed.
  • Boots… other than black boots. I’ve tried and tried to put together skirt + boots outfits. Its just not for me. The only way I see this working is to wear black leggings + boots or black skirt + tights + boots. Boring, I know. I still have a lingering pair of brown boots if I really feel inclined to try again (and fail again).
  • Colorful statement necklaces. Not for me. At least I can say I tried it. I’m more comfortable in daintier pieces. I feel really weird when my big bauble-y necklace hits a patient as I’m trying to listen to their lungs. Or, when my necklace is so heavy that my neck is sore by the end of the day.
  • Unlined, wool pants. I have the most sensitive skin ever. Seriously, its like my skin is constantly irritated. Wool does not help. I should know by now that I itch like crazy when I wear it.  Scratching my legs all day takes away from the whole “feeling attractive” thing. And so does the rash that I end up getting the next day.
  • Blazers. While I know these are a fabulous & classic item, they don’t work well with me for a few reasons. First, I have to wear a white coat at work, and wearing a blazer under a white coat is just weird. Second, I have linebacker shoulders. Blazers don’t help with that. Third, I already have black, light gray and navy just in case I feel like being cool for a day.

I think its a good idea sometimes to step back and analyze what you wear and what you tend to avoid (aka, what sits in the closet unworn until its returned or sold… or dusty?). I’m completely guilty of buying items that look amazing on other people, but just don’t work for me. I’m trying to get better at it. Well thought out wishlist coming!!