The Best Advice I Can Give

My advice comes few and far between. But this is one piece of advice that I actually find worthwhile – Do something that your future self will thank you for. As silly as it sounds, it actually works for me. It helps me to break some of my procrastinating habits.

Most things are pretty simple… for example:

  • Getting gas on the way home so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning
  • Going food shopping so I wont have to eat out the next day (and feel guilty about it)
  • Starting to write my personal statement months before I have to finish it. Sometimes the creativity is flowing. And other times not.

So, while it may not be the most earth-shaking advice, it helps me. I literally tell myself that I’ll be a happier person tomorrow if I do x, y and z. And its true.
By the way, I know this Crewcuts top is such a little kid top, but its adorable!! It was perfect for casual Friday. Its a little short, so I might either try to wash and stretch it, or just wear it with some skirts. Overall, $10 well spent, I think.
Top: J. Crew Crewcuts Top (here)
Pants: J. Crew Waverly Chino (here)
Shoes: Reed Krakoff
Bag: I dont remember, its ancient
Necklace: DIY by mom

Happy Weekend!!