PFC 18: What to Wear to Impress Your Date

Thanks to all of the people that participated in this challenge!! I hope you had fun 🙂 As usual, I had a few mishaps with this challenge. First, you’d think that in over a month I could have somehow managed to fit a date night in. But between my studying for my board exam next Monday, and him having to prepare a presentation for yesterday, it just didn’t happen. So, that means I got dressed up and took pics by myself. Ok, not a big deal. What did present a few awkward moments was this dress. Gorgeous dress thanks to a great Evilbay seller. But, do note if you ever wear a similar dress with a full-length zipper, that when you squat to adjust your camera, the zipper unzips up to the top of the bum. And its a silent zipper. Very sneaky. I’m hoping it only stayed that way for a few minutes. Luckily it was a bit windy and I felt a breeze…





Dress: NARCISCO RODRIGUEZ (ebay, love these overpriced cutouts, check out ebay for some deals)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin (here)
Bag: Balenciaga
Necklace: DIY (thanks to mom)
Bracelets: Ebay,
Check out these ladies!!