Announcing PFC 18: What To Wear To…

…Impress your Date!!


I think this PFC will be a lot of fun for all of us, regardless of whether we’re single or in a relationship. The single ladies should be awesome at this. 😉 I’m excited to get some inspiration from you! For the taken ladies, we still need to dress up for date night (at least once in a while!!). Generally, I think we wear what makes us feel good, regardless of what other people think. But what is your secret for making your outfit a little more memorable?? Have fun with this one!

Bonus points for pics taken with your dates or on a girls night out!!

To participate:

  • Simply leave a comment below indicating your interest & your blog URL.
  • Schedule your post for July 26th at 8:00PM EST and link back to this challenge.
  • Non-bloggers can participate too!  Email me at with your photos by July 25th and I’ll post it on the day of the challenge.

And because I rarely (never?) talk about my relationship on the blog, I figured it would be an appropriate time to post some pics from when we started dating (when we were young, if you will). These are from our month long trip to Europe we did together only 3 months after we met each other. I wouldn’t recommend that, by the way, lol!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures!!