Review – Frye Venetian and Alex Camp Loafers

I posted about Frye’s Venetian and Alex Camp Loafer here a few days ago. They are still available in a few sizes and colors for $63-$75.  I just got them today and, as promised, here is the review!!

  • Sizing: I hover between 6 and 6.5. I got the Venetian (blue) loafer in a 6 and they fit great with just a tad of room in the heel. I got the Alex Camp loafer in a 6 (x2) and 6.5. Right out of the box, the size 6’s are comfy but snug. I think they’ll stretch out to be perfect. The gray 6.5 is super comfy but loose. These will probably end up being too big, but I plan on wearing them with scrubs at work, so they should be perfect for that.

like that kitten butt in the upper right? he was excited to see what was in the box, too!

  • Colors: Loving these colors!! The red is gorgeous & subdued and will go perfectly will browns, grays, and neutrals. The tan is classic and flattering, as most nude shoes are. The blue is adorable!! Perfect for jeans & khakis. The gray is a wonderful taupe, and will go with most anything.  Easy!!


  • Construction: The leather on these is nice and smooshy. It looks like it’ll break in quite nicely. The stitching is all very firm and well done. The soles look like they’ll hold up to a good amount of wear. I’ll have to update after I wear them!

  • Comfort: These are all comfy right out of the box and don’t seem like they’ll cause heel rubbing, which I often get with flats. They also have a bit of padding and support. Definitely more than your typical flats, but nothing amazing. Update: Just wore these today in the 6.5 (because my feet are super swollen in 95+ degree heat!!) and they are pretty darn comfy. The only thing that bugs me is the stitching at the side of the foot which will likely stretch out in a few wears.

Hope you found the review useful if you were considering these! I can’t wait to put these to use!!