8 Items To Make My Wardrobe More Versatile (summer)

I don’t think that many of us can legitimately claim that we “have nothing to wear,” but it does feel like that sometimes. Below are my 8 summer wishlist items. These are items that will really fill a void in my closet, and will help me re-mix items I already own.

Scarves: DVF here & here; Dresses: Rick Owens here & Marni here; Cardigan: Moschino here; Shoes: J. Crew pumps here & Frye loafers here; Shirt: J. Crew here; Blouse: DVF here; Skirt: Helmut Lang here

  1. Cardigans that provide some interest– The ones on my wishlist are a classic & subdued floral pattern and a black and white stripe. These will be perfect for cool summer nights (or the freezing cold work environment, if I want to be realistic), and will transition perfectly into fall.
  2. Basic button down shirts– I didn’t know how versatile these were until recently, but I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe is truly lacking in this area. I’m lusting over a blue stripe, a soft pink,  J. Crew’s polka dot chambray, and a plain white. Also perfect for layering under sweaters when it starts to cool off!!
  3. Black silky blouse– I posted a gorgeous black blouse here, but ended up having to return it because the damage was greater than stated and I just could not fix it. I’m thinking of getting the same one here if I cant find a similar one for cheaper. I can think of so many ways to wear it!!
  4. Simple maxi dress– After falling in love with this maxi skirt, I decided to give the maxi dress a try. I’ve already picked one up from Ebay (for $28) in a deep green color and am in the process of hemming and altering it. One thing I love about the maxi dress is the ability to wear it well into the fall just by throwing a chunky cardigan, sweater or scarf over it!!
  5. Colorful pumps– Maybe just a touch of color would do. I don’t think I’m ready for any crazy neon yellow or anything, but these are certainly in my ballpark!! I hope these will go on sale one day.
  6. Chunky scarves– Oh, how I adore scarves. I’ve been wearing them all the time. I love their casual, yet totally chic vibe. I’m hoping to get an ivory or beige, and then some fun patterns and colors. Lusting over those DVF ones!!
  7. Comfy loafers– Comfy flats are a must, especially the day after you decided to wear those slightly-too-tall heels all day long. Ouch. Been there. I love the super cheap Matt Bernson pair I scored a while back, and just managed to pick up some sale Frye loafers, too!! These will look great with pants or shorts, and are actually perfect for all seasons.
  8. Blouse or dress in a bold pattern– I’d say 95% of my closet consists of solid prints, and of those, 85% are in a very neutral color. This is the perfect setup for adding a bold patterned dress or blouse to the mix and softening it up with one of those neutral cardigans!

I hope this was a little helpful!! I certainly had fun thinking of the ways to increase the versatility of my wardrobe without spending a whole ton!! I’ll post what I get along the way, and will post an end-of-summer reflection, of course!