Perfect Little Summer Dress

Have you noticed the amazing prints have been everywhere recently? I’ve seen some really stunning ones, but nothing has even come close to being within my loan-money-is-still-three-weeks-away budget. So, as usual, I shopped used (I’ve been doing a lot of Ebay shopping recently, huh?).  I came up with this lovely number.  I adore the print. The fit is off, but throwing on a belt helps the situation.

One tricky thing about being petite is making sure the waist falls in the right spot on a dress. This dress is probably made for a taller person, meaning the waist is actually sitting right above my hips. I think I’ll take a few before and after pics to emphasize how much a properly fitting waist can change the whole look of a dress.

Anyway, happy Friday!! I hope you had a good week and have some fun things planned for this weekend! I’m planning on getting some good studying in. Studying on the beach, perhaps (with sunscreen, I promise)??

Dress: Tory Burch
Shoes: J. Crew (here)
Bag: Celine
Scarf: Kohls
Sunglasses: Steve Madden (here)
Belt: J. Crew