Cozy Neutral Knits ~ Sweater Dress

I love the concept of the sweater dress. Cute, casual and comfy. I picked this BCBG dress up from ebay and I definitely should have checked the measurements first!! Wayyyyy short. It’s like I forgot my pants!! I’d feel more comfortable with some cute shorts under. Or maybe with some fun tights in the fall. I love the dress though, it has pockets!!

This is apparently what happens with my hair if I french braid it right after washing and drying it. I let it sit there for about 30 minutes to cool off before taking out the braid. After, I picked about 10 random chunks of hair and curled them with my flat iron to get a more even look (it was a bad, uneven braid!). A few sprays of hairspray and I was ready to go!!

 It’s aaaaaaalmost warm here!! I’m pretty sure it got up to the high 50’s, if not 60 today. Its supposed to be in the 80’s later this week!! Sure, its supposed to be accompanied by thunderstorms, but I’ll take what I can get!!


Do you have any tips for easy morning hair styling?