Bring out the summer clothes!!

Finally, warm weather!! To celebrate the almost 80 degree day yesterday, I brought out the most summery items I could think of: light, layered tank tops, linen pants, flip flops and a floral scarf. I had a tan cardigan handy for the cool indoor temps, too.

Tops: Inhabit (cute BR polka dot one here and F21 one here); Pants: Talbots;
Scarf: Vintage Hermes;Bag: Celine; Sandals: J. Crew (similar)

One thing I hate about linen pants is their tendancy to get wrinkled within about 30 minutes of sitting. And considering my morning commute was over an hour, these started off looking a little less than crisp. On top of that, yesterday morning it was pouring rain. Do not wear light-colored pants + flip flops in the rain. I managed to flip up tons of little mud spots on to the backs of my legs. I cleaned them off as soon as I got inside and proceeded to walk around with wet backs of my legs for the next hour. Could be worse, I suppose.


What is your take on linen pants?