Splurge, Save or Pass? 5 Questions to Ask

Do you ever have those times where you sit and debate whether or not you should buy something? Maybe its a trendy item but it just fits so well! Or perhaps you’re looking at something more classic and trying to determine if its worth the money. If you need some assistance, this points system should help you come to the best conclusion![cc_h_line]

splurge or save

Hopefully you’re a fan of tables (I am)!! Below is the simple points breakdown. If you’re like me, you might try to “cheat” to make your purchase seem more justified to yourself. I know its difficult, but try super hard to resist doing that! That’s how I always ended up making wasteful purchases.

Slightly uncomfy
Feel fine all day
Could wear to bed
Work Appropriate
Not at all
Probably Not
Casual Friday
Totally OK
Can only think of one good pairing
Can think of at least 5 pairings
Can think of at least 10 pairings
Wear with everything
1 Season
2 Seasons
3 Seasons
4 Seasons
Trendy Factor
Way Trendy
Lasting Trend
Will wear when the trend passes


What those points mean:
  • 0-4: Just don’t buy it. Done. Resist!!! Items that fall into this category are not worth the money. You know the ones I’m talking about 😉
  • 5-8: If your item falls in this category, try to get it as cheap as possible to fulfill your desires. How about searching a thrift store or eBay? Stores like forever21, H&M, TJ Maxx would be great options, too!
  • 9-12: These items will likely stay with you for a while, so you can justify getting a higher quality item. I’m willing splurge on leather vs. pleather, cashmere vs. itchy wool, and silk vs. polyester if the item falls in this category
  • 13-15: Solid investment pieces. These are the items you want to spend $$$ on and get quality pieces that will last for years. Items that have fallen in this category for me are neutral blouses, beige flats, black handbags and classic outerwear

Hope this helps you make better choices, too!!