How I Wear Pastels

I know this season is all about bright and pastel colors. Bright are mostly totally out of the picture for me. I don’t think they’re flattering on me and I don’t feel appropriate wearing them at work. Pastels can be tricky too, though. Its difficult for me to find the right shade of colors, lest they be as unflattering as the brights. These top and pants are perfect for me. They’re pretty and spring-like without screaming “look at meeeeeee!!!!” I need more items in this not-quite-mint color of the pants. I’m so surprised at how versatile it is!!!

Top: Alexander Wang (here); Pants: J. Crew (here); Shoes: J. Crew (here); Blazer: Majestic; Coat: Ana Pires; Bag: Balenciaga Part Time; Sunglasses: Steve Madden; Belt: Ann Taylor; Necklace: Vintage

Happy Easter!!