Floral Skirt => Floral Dress

I love the floral trend this spring, its so pretty and feminine!! I’ve been looking for the perfect versatile piece. I came across this Theory skirt on ebay and the measurements seemed ok. Well, I’m apparently stupid and think I’m much bigger than I am. This skirt was huge on me!! My creative side of my brain made its annual appearance… “why not put it on as a dress?” Well, its shorter than something I would normally feel comfortable wearing, but would actually be ok for the beach or something similar. I toughened it up a bit with the cargo jacket 🙂

By the way, when I took these pictures yesterday my camera refused to put me in focus instead of the pretty background. So here we have one of the two in focus pics…

The hostess, Marion, is so adorable and has the funniest stories. Thank you for hosting this challenge! Go check out the other ladies styles HERE!!