April Shopping Goals

This past month and a half has been a rough one. I mean that in a few ways, I guess. My bank account was the one who took the hit for me, poor thing. I’m trying to replenish it by selling (lots and lots and lots…), but its a work in progress. They tell me I’ll actually get paid for working in a little over a year. What a concept.

Anyhoo. For my revised list I decided I “needed” the following (pics below are what I ended up with, minus the bal jacket!):


  1. Leather Jacket: This is going to be a long and hard struggle. I dont want to settle for a cheap one. I want an expensive one to fall into my hands for cheap. This has not works thus far, but I’m still hoping. And what color?? Black? I hardly wear black. So many choices.
  2. Blazer: Another struggle. My body is weirdly shaped, its so hard to find blazers. I ordered a few from Yoox that didnt work out in February, but got a nice cotton-cashmere knit one by Majestic that fits well and is super comfy. Also got a silk Elizabeth & James boyfriend one from ebay for $55 that looks ok when styled in certain ways.
  3. Comfy Flats: Success!! Got some $17 loafers and $44 Cognac flats. Both quite comfy. I also picked up some Chanel flats, but they crush my big toes 🙁
  4. Sunglasses: Still lusting over a Tory Burch pair, but have gotten a few cheapies in the mean time. These web ones are great quality for $35!!
  5. Chambray shirt: Yes! Love this free people one!! I also picked up a J. Crew factory one, but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.I just found out that I have a J. Crew factory store nearby, muahahahaha…
  6. Boyfriend Jeans: Um, just going to roll up the ones I have and pretend. Works for me.
  7. Scarves: Oh goodness, yes. I’m loving scarves. If only I could wear them to work. I picked up a few vintage ones. I absolutely adore the Hermes one I got. Its stunning.
  8. Outerwear: I had a few successes here. I picked up a lightweight wool coat for $100 on clearance from Yoox (see here). I love it, it fits perfectly. Also grabbed a cotton jacket by Jil Sander from Ebay. It needs to be cleaned, but is a great deal for $35!! The cargo jacket on final sale from Ruelala is pretty nice, too (see here). I have my eye on a few others, but they may or may not work out. We shall see.
  9. White Skinnies: Lets see now. I got some. I’m not sure how I feel about them I hate them. I feel so, uh, exposed? I’ll stick to jeans and black/ dark pants if they’re skinnies.


  1. Blazers. I want to test out different cuts and styles to find out what works for my body shape. It would also be nice to get one in a brighter color!!
  2. Classy black skinnies. I’m looking for a quality fabric in a classic cut. Something I’ll reach for again and again.
  3. Necklaces. I would love a long pearl necklace. I might start looking for vintage necklaces, too. I seem to be on a huge vintage kick recently. I’m also loving the knot necklaces, like in the pic above!
  4. Sunglasses. Still looking for my Tory Burch ones on sale somewhere. Wouldn’t mind a pair of not-so cheap aviators, too (with some good UV protection).
  5. Leather Jacket. Right. Dream jacket: Balenciaga Leather Moto in Khaki.
  6. Steamer!!! This will be the month I get a steamer. I’m sick of wrinkles!!