Coat Fits Off the Rack

This never happens. I dont believe it. I got this coat for $99 from, which is about 85% off retail. (Yoox is my new go-to site, by the way!!). The coat looked adorable, and size 38It was the only one left, which is about a 2US, or smaller depending on the designer. I went for it. Less than a week later this beauty arrives. I take it out and am struck by the amazing craftsmanship. I put it on… and it fits. Perfectly. Or as perfectly as I can possibly imagine.


I’m honestly still stunned when looking at the pictures of the coat. I really thought that all structured coats would make my shoulders look huge. This one even has shoulder pads, which is super scarier. But somehow, with the proper fit, it actually looks appropriate and slimming. Crazy crazy crazy.


Now, I dont expect this type of thing to happen too often. But just in case I had some luck left, I ordered a few pairs of black pants, hoping to find a good pair. Crossing my fingers!!

Dress: J. Crew (here); Coat: Ana Pires; Shoes: J. Crew (here); Bag: Celine;
Scarf: Vintage; Sunglasses: Web (here for $35)

Is anyone else ridiculously excited when this type of thing happens?