Was It Worth It? Best and Worst Fashion Purchases

We’ve all made our fair share of “whoops” purchases. I think that’s normal. But hopefully by analyzing these purchases I can keep myself from making the same mistakes in the future. One thing to note for me: I dont consider it a bad purchase if I can sell it for the same amount or even slightly less than I bought it for. The price per wear is low if that’s the case.  So, lets get started!!


  •  Balenciaga part time in anthracite. I still adore this bag. Even though I dont use it as much as I used to, I still love the color, leather and style. I dont think I could ever get rid of this one. It is such a great contrast to the more structured bags, like Celine.
  • J. Crew waverly chinos. I hate to admit it, but I wear these at least 2-4 days per week. They’re so comfy and easy to pair with.  The colors they come in are great. And maybe the best part is I can buy them and roll them up- no hemming required!! Definitely an essential part of my work wardrobe.
  • Cashmere cardigans. Another work staple. They take me from summer to winter without problems. I’m a huge fan of layering because the weather and thermostat temps are so unpredictable. I should probably get one in every color. Admittedly, the neutral colors get the most wear.
  • Michael Kors watch. I’ve worn this every week day since I got it. It gives the right amount of glam while still being very work appropriate. I anticipate I’ll continue wearing it until I get another one to switch off with. I dont know how I ever got by without a watch!!
  • Nude/ neutral heels. I wear these all the time at work and on my days off. I anticipate that one day I’ll have a large number of neutral colored pumps. Right now I’m loving J. Crew’s Valentina Pumps in the gorgeous rose color. I can wear these all day without problems.


  • Skirts in general. I just dont like skirts. I dont really know how to wear them, I dont look good in them unless they fit perfectly, and I just dont feel comfortable wearing them.  If I want to dress up a bit I can wear a dress. If I want to look professional, I always pick pants suit over skirt suit. So if I know these things about myself, why would I even buy skirts in the first place? Well, because other people seem to enjoy them and look adorable in them. And while its great to be inspired by people, I should still use some sense in determining if I should admire from a distance, or give that look a shot.
  • Super high heels. I just dont wear them. I love the 3-4″ range for going out, and the 2-3″ range for wearing to work. What good is a super cute pair of 5″ heels if you dont wear them? Its silly. Never again.
  •  Leggings. I luckily only have one pair, but that will be it. I dont feel comfortable in them and my legs are too short and muscular to look good in them. I might try them in the winter with boots and a long sweater, but at that point its almost the same as just wearing thick tights.
  • Cheap clothes. Think H&M, etc. I find that I wear everything I get from these places one time. Not worth it. On top of that, cheap clothes have an even worse resale value. I basically end up wearing them once and giving them away.
  • Leather jackets. I’ve yet to come accross any that I love and actually want to wear (and are in my price range). I eventually want one thats thicker and warm, like a Balenciaga. Until I have the funds for one, I think I’ll give up on them. I’ve bought and sold 3 or 4 already.
  • Too many of an accessory. Like belts. I wanted to belt everything for a while. I still think that belts are good, but seeing as I rarely incorporate them on a regular basis, buying so many of them seems like a waste

This was a great analysis for me. I’ve really been focusing on making lists and only buying things that will get a ton of use. But as we all know, its a challenge. I have my April shopping goals coming up soon, lets see what stays on the list!!