Review: J. Crew Valentina Pumps & Slingbacks

Ok, I admit it. High heels hurt, especially after a 10 hour day. My co-workers are always like “those are so cute!! How the hell do you wear them all day? Don’t they hurt??” My usual reply is, “No, they’re fine, actually.” I don’t know if this was once a true reply, and as I’ve gotten older my decrepit body is crying out, or if it was always a lie. Who knows. Regardless!! I’m giving in to the shorter pump. J. Crew’s Valentina pumps and slingbacks are a great, classy option.

J. Crew Valentina Pump Review

Valentina Pumps

So far I really like these. I only wore them for a half day, so about 4 hours. I feel like they do need a little breaking in to be super comfortable, but they are fine even not broken in. My feet were not sore at all and I had no blisters, thank goodness!! They do seem to be lacking some padding in the footbed, but that can easily be accomplished with some inserts. They seem to have similar quality as the Mona’s, so pretty good. They hold up much better than the AT pumps. Sizing-wise, I got the same size as the Mona’s- 6.5. I’m a size 6 typically, so this is the bigger of my two sizes. I have a slight bit of extra room in the heel, which will likely vanish once I put some inserts in the shoe. Lastly, the color!! Perfect soft neutral pink (weathered rose). J. Crew has the best colors, and these are no exception!!

Update: I wear these all the time and love them. I cant wait to get another pair!!

J. Crew Valentina Pumps

These are pretty much the same story as the regular pumps. Pretty comfortable overall. They seem to stay on without sliding all around, which is nice. Again, padding is lacking, and they would benefit from an insert. Craftsmanship is good. Sizing is the same, I needed to size up to a 6.5.  And the color is beautiful and classic (charleston brown)!!


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