January 2012 Shopping Goals

What better way to start off 2012 than by buying things…
Last month was an extremely successful, albeit unintentional, saving month. Love it when that happens!! Consequently, I have a pretty darn vacant “items bought” section. I cant really think of many things I want either, but I’ll struggle through it…

December Goals:


  1. Burberry Scarves – I got these beautiful $10 ones instead!! Love them.
  2. J. Crew Cafe Capris – I got a pair of the wool check ones, which are great. I just picked up some waverly chino’s in store for $27, too.
  3. Loafers -*silence*
  4. Tights – I give up on skirts, tights, leggings and skinny jeans. Maybe later.

January 2012 Goals


  1. Capris – Its a little odd that I would get a capri obsession in the middle of the winter. But I’m just in love with the look of these- dressy yet casual. I need them in every color, pattern, fabric…
  2. Knits – My dryer accidentally ate some of mine. Lovely old dryers.
  3. Chambray – after seeing Jenn rock her chambray shirt, I’ve definitely decided I need one. I tried last year with no success. Time to try again!!
  4. Necklaces – Long, dangly and fun. They really do add so much to outfits. And since I cant wear scarves at work, this is the next best thing. Scarves are kind of like ties, right? Why do men get to wear ties if I cant wear scarves?