Three Things I Hate

I’ve found out why I hate getting dressed in winter.

  1. Jeans – I don’t ever find jeans comfortable. I never have, actually. I remember avoiding them since childhood. I think the fabric is uncomfortable. And, while skinny jeans look great, I really hate having my legs wrapped like sausages. Not comfy. And since my weight goes up and down by about 4-5 lbs, I really have to be having a “skinny day” to fit into them somewhat comfortably.
  2. Leggings – Opposite case here. They’re super comfy, but I feel like my upper thigh muscle/ fat just bulges all over the place. Even when I wear long tops and can’t see it, I know its there…
  3. Boots – I love boots by themselves. I just never wear them because I can’t make a decent outfit with them. Its hopeless.

I may as well scrap my whole wardrobe and start over. Again.
Its just one of those days.

Sweater: J. Crew (here)
Pants: Adriano Goldschmied (here)
Boots: Frye (similar)
Bag: Balenciaga