Holiday Sequins + Plaid

Its been crazy recently. Not any sort of “fun” holiday crazy. Just the plain old work kind. But because of this, I’ve saved up a fair amount of change for after-the-holidays sales!! Hopefully there are some good ones. One other thing you notice when you have no time for thought is what you typically grab for in your closet. I’ve been reaching for capri’s + heels/ flats so very often. They just seem dressier than pants, but don’t leave me feeling uncomfortable like I feel when I wear skirts. I think I’ll be on the hunt for some more 🙂 Happy holidays!

Top: J. Crew Drapey Sequin Tank 32360 in xxs (here, review soon!);
Blouse: J. Crew (here); Pants: J. Crew (here);
Shoes: J. Crew (here); Necklace: Ruelala (old)