Beauty Favorites – 2011

I just recently watched Jen’s recap of her top 5 best and worst products of this year, and I thought it was such a fun idea that I would share my own top 5 products from this year!!


1) Fresh crème ancienne eye creamThis is my HG of eye creams. I started using this when the weather was cooling down a few months ago. My skin was so dry and dull, especially around my eye area. Every eye cream I tried in the past was either irritating or didnt adequately moisturize. A few weeks after I started this cream my eye area was so bright. My fine lines decreased as well. No irritation, no milia, nothing. And perhaps the best part is how long this stuff lasts. Ive used it for over two months and I’ve maybe used 1/4 of the jar.

2) YSL volupe sheer candy glossy balm crystal color – I got this in 04 Succulent Pomegranate. This is just the perfect lip color for me. Its sheer, but has enough color to add a little life to my face. Its also extremely smooth and hydrating, almost like a gloss or balm vs a lip color. Love it.

3) Aveda pure abundance volumizing shampoo & clay conditioner – The combination of these products does wonders for my hair. I can tell the difference if I use these vs. any other products. These really do give my hair a wonderful bounce. My hair feels so soft and voluminous afterwards, and it lasts for a good two days. I’ll definitely be using these as I grow out my hair this year!

4) Coastal scents tapered duo fiber blush brush – I’m admittedly not great at applying makeup. I’m always rushed and want to be done in 45 seconds. Blushes gave me the most problems. I love pigmented blushes like Nars Sin, but if I wasnt careful, I’d literally end up looking like a doll with purple spots on the cheeks. Not fun. With this brush I’ve never had that problem. I can apply the most pigmented blushes so smoothly and softly. Its perfect. It really takes the skill out of applying makeup, thank goodness!

5)  Clarisonic MiaI actually had the clarisonic plus a year or so ago. I ended up returning it because it wasn’t helping my skin. This year I was a little smarter and discontinued my Retin-a about a week before I started using this. I’ve definitely noticed a nice difference this time around. Hopefully I’ll continue to see positive changes, but at this time I’m completely satisfied (and so happy to be off the Retin-a!!)