Rugby Stripes + Plaid

>I’m having a serious stripe fetish. Especially with these two J. Crew rugby sweaters that I’m soooo excited to have picked up. I used to think that stripes would be hard to match with because you have to match with an extra color. And while that might be the case with some, I’ve found that if there’s at least one neutral in the stripes, matching can actually be easier than with solids. Crazy, I know. Maybe I’m making things up.

Sorry about the nighttime pics. I drove to some random spot to take pictures, only to find that I forgot to put the battery back in the camera. Bummer. I proceeded to get lost on the way home. I had to use my GPS. How pathetic is that? But to be honest, I kind of like these night pics. They’re different.


Sweater: J. Crew Cashmere Rugby-Stripe V-neck (here & similar); Pants: J. Crew Cafe Capri (here);
Shoes: J. Crew Mona Patent Pump (here); Scarves: TJ Maxx and Target;
Hat: Ralph Lauren from TJ Maxx (similar); Bag: Balenciaga