November Wants

In Wisconsin, November definitely qualifies as Winter. With that, my November goal items switch over to anything that keeps me from freezing by bum off the second I walk outside. That said, here is a quick recap of my October Wants:


  • white blouse: MAYBE. I picked up the Silk Elodie Blouse in vintage champagne (review). It doesn’t have a collar, but it’ll work for now. I also got the Faded Chambre Popover and Luxe Silk Crepe Blouse (waitlisted) in sand dune for other neutrals to wear under the sweaters I don’t yet have.
  • tweed pencil skirt: CHECK! I ended up giving in to the J. Crew No. 2 pencil skirts in Vintage Tweed (worn here). I got the navy from Ebay, and the pink during their 25% off sale (waitlisted). I thought about the Harvest Tweed, and despite how beautiful it is, imo it can only really be worn in fall and winter.
  • knee high black boots: NO. Should I just give up on them? Geeezzzz.
  • flattering wool pants: CHECK! I got the Cafe Trouser in Wool in gray (on the way), as well as another camel pair from Ebay (worn here).
  • easy to wear knits: CHECK. Well, at least I got one. I went ahead and got the Vintage Thermal Tee in Stripe, again, during their 25% off sale. I have to return it for an xs (vs the xxs I got). Still waiting for something good to pop up for a reasonable price at Anthro.
  • tights: NO. I didn’t even buy one pair. This will be a work-in-progress, I think.
  • moccasins: NO. I tried the Minnetonka Tami Trapper Moc from DSW, but they ended up being totally uncomfortable, rubbing my heel terribly.
  • scarves: NO. I’m slacking.
  • colorful wool coat: NO. I thought about getting one during J. Crew’s 25% off sale, but figured I’d already spent far too much. I can wait for a better sale.

So, that brings us to November. The beginning of the 5 months of frozen hell. Here we go:

  1. Knits! I’m still waiting for more beautiful tops from Anthro or elsewhere that I can wear alone or under cardigans. My two favorites are getting worn to death!!
  2. Loafers. Still waiting for a sale where I can get any of the shoes fromthis post for cheaper.
  3. Sweaters. I’m severely lacking here (only 6 left after my closet cleanout!). I typically wait for good sales for J. Crew cashmere. Its one of the only things that’s warm enough without making me rash (grrrrr, merino wool).
  4. Pants. I definitely wouldn’t mind a few more good pairs of flattering pants.
Happy November!!