what happened to the closet?

I didn’t think it would have to come to this. Maybe my recent illness (I’m a baby, its a cold) has caused it. Either way, my closet has lost weight. A lot. Since I’m a “top rated powerseller” on Evilbay, I get 50 free listing per month. I literally took 50 items from my closet and listed them. Now, I’m not one of those people with a huge closet. I regularly slim down my closet by 5 to 10 pieces so I can fund something else. Fifty items is literally half of my closet. No joke. I’m an un-pack rat.

It seems a little excessive, but will these items really be missed? Probably not. And if there are one or two items that I regret selling, I can always buy something similar. Now, what are these funds going towards? Well, J. Crew has a few items high up on the wishlist:

After these items, I think I’ll pretty much be skirt content. Pants are another story. With the frigid WI winter coming up, skirts + tights are nice, but pants (with leggings under!) are a must!!

Tops are a whole other story. I’ve sold all but 6 sweaters (yikes!) and will probably need to do a little replenishing. But for me, tops are so hard to buy. What I like one second is totally different from the next. Do you just buy whatever you see that you like? Do you plan shirt purchases? Is it better to have lots of cheaper tops or just a few quality ones?

I think the rest of the money from selling will have to be saved for now. I noticed last year that during the last few weeks of December people sold things on Ebay for cheap. I don’t anticipate this year being any different. There will be so many good deals to be had!! Time to start saving up.