Wear It 3 Ways: Sweater Dress

>I used to think that the sweater dress would be super easy to wear. I don’t know why I thought this. Dresses in general have always been a bit difficult for my to style. So, here we have a couple pairings for this lovely burgundy number.

LOOK 1: Sweater: J. Crew Cashmere (here); Flats: Rampage (similar); Scarf: Kohls
LOOK 2: Jeans: LTB (tj maxx years ago); Flats: Matt Bernson Waverly (here); Necklace: Ebay
LOOK 3: Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar); Belt: Ann Taylor (similar); Shoes: Ann Taylor (here); Necklace: Unknown

First is a little comfy outfit, perfect for running around in. I just threw on a hoodie and scarf, and it transforms the dress into a little skirt. This was very warm!! When it really cools down, this would look adorable with some tights.

Next, I just rolled the dress under a tank top and tucked the remainder into my pants. I wanted to pick a different tank that would work better, but I haven’t done laundry in, well, a while. I think this could work better with a better fitting tank.

Last is the famous “skirt as a top.” Its great as a top because its a little tighter and fits nicely under the skirt without looking bulky. This is also a nice way to have some extra warmth in winter!! This is probably the most common way I’ll be wearing it.