October Shopping 2011 Goals

I didn’t anticipate last month being so crazy busy!! It ended up just flying by. I managed to work out, eat more healthful foods and save some money. I didn’t do too well on the September shopping goals:

  • Flattering white button up blouse No Luck
  • Tweed Pencil Skirt (or anything tweed) Not in my price range… yet?
  • Knee high black leather high heel boots Didn’t really try to find any
  • Wool pencil skirt Got camel and black J. Crew minis from Ebay
  • Blue colored pants Probably giving up on these
  • Nude Pumps Still on the search for comfy nude pumps
So, which ones will carry over to October? Not many. Here are the keepers:
  • White blouse. This will stay on here until I find one. If ever…
  • Tweed Pencil Skirt. Tweed is so fun. Im still lusting after this J. Crew one, but I know it will require alterations. The search goes on.
  • Knee-high black boots. Classic, but I’ll definitely wait for a good deal on some!!

I’ve had to wear professional clothes every day for the past month, so I’m getting a feel for the items I grab. I’ve wanted to take pics of some of the outfits, but never had a chance while it was light out! Oh well. Regardless, items I’ve added:

  • Flattering wool slacks. Skinnies, straights, boot-cuts. In any color. Wide open here!
  • Easy to wear knits to wear alone or layer under cardigans.
  • Tights. Black, cream, gray… patterned or textured, thick or thin. TJ Maxx, anyone?
  • Moccasins. Comfy, fuzzy and casual. Almost giving in one these from DSW!
  • Scarves!! There are tons of cheap options on Ebay. Classic designer scarves like McQueen or Burberry are always nice too, although they’re very hard to justify for me ($200 for a rectangle of fabric?!?)
  • Wool coat in a flattering color, like mustard, olive or plum.
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