September 2011 Shopping Goals

I mentioned in a previous post that this month, I only want to invest in versatile items that I will keep for a long time. But what items would those be? Well, these are my tentative items. I plan on doing a whole closet critique when I have time so I can better determine what items I’m lacking, and what I have an abundance of.
Goal Items:

  • Flattering white button up blouse. 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve. Thicker, or at least enough to not have to layer under.
  • Tweed Pencil Skirt (love this and this!). I adore tweeds, especially blazers and skirts. I can never find them for reasonable prices, though.
  • Knee high black leather high heel boots. Hopefully classy enough to wear to work, but sexy enough to wear out. These might be what I’m looking for (well, in a much cheaper version).
  • Wool pencil skirt. The colors I’m choosing from are mustard, rust, and olive.
  • Blue colored pants (love these!!).
  • Nude Pumps. Comfortable ones, please. Perhaps these J. Crew ones have potential?

For my goal items I’m definitely going to be scouring Ebay, but I’m also open to paying a bit more for them, if its an item I truly love.We’ll see how it goes!!