Wear it 3 Ways: Pink Pencil Skirt

This Heathered playa skirt was a last minute addition to my recent J. Crew order to reach $150 for free shipping. When it arrived, I actually liked it a lot. It’s a great color and fits perfectly in the size 00. The problem was, I could not figure out what to wear it with, despite some serious effort. It was in the return pile for about a week when I figured I’d give it another shot. Well, I’m glad I did. The outfits I made are definitely out of my comfort zone, but almost make me feel as awesome as Kileen at cute and little, lol. She is a great inspiration for how to add some color into your wardrobe. Needless to say, I’m keeping this skirt 🙂

There is a whole lot of J. Crew going on in these pics…
I’ll have a review of my recent J. Crew purchases within the next few days!